Department of Chemistry

PG and Research department of Chemistry was established in the year of 2009. It offers B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D., courses (Full time & Part time) with effect from 2014-2015. In the History of Periyar University, our department has achieved 3 consecutive Gold medals and university ranks in PG from first batch onwards. Till now our department achieved 8 Gold medals and 38 University ranks in UG, PG and M.Phil., courses. The faculties put forth hard endeavour to develop the skill of the students. The department aims at the overall development of the students by involving them in various academic and non academic programmes like seminar, exhibition, workshop, cultural events, and guest lecturers etc., The department has registered good academic records both in university examinations and placement.


  • The student will understand the importance of the Periodic Table of the Elements, how it came to be, and its role in organizing chemical information.
  • The student will understand the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry and to integrate knowledge of mathematics, physics and other disciplines to a wide variety of chemical problems.
  • The student will learn the laboratory skills needed to design, safely conduct and interpret chemical research.
  • The student will acquire a foundation of chemistry of sufficient breadth and depth to enable them to understand and critically interpret the primary chemical literature.
  • The student will develop the ability to effectively communicate scientific information and research results in written and oral formats.
  • The student will learn professionalism, including the ability to work in teams and apply basic ethical principles.


The Department of Chemistry at the Sri Vijay Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Nallampalli is dedicated to maintaining a reputation as an outstanding chemistry department on the basis of the rigorous curriculum, the quality of research conducted with bachelors and master-level and the Doctoral students.


The Chemistry Department provides rigorous preparation of citizens whose career paths require expertise in chemistry. We are dedicated to rigorous standards for content knowledge, communication skills, research quality, and professional behavior. We are committed to demonstrating science as a human endeavor and as a way to understand the natural world. The faculty in the Chemistry Department see themselves as resources for our units, university, region, state, nation, and world.

  • Act as mentors to undergraduates and postgraduates through advising them in research.
  • Teach students the value of cross-disciplinary thinking by providing them with educational and research opportunities between chemistry and other fields of study.
  • Promote innovative curriculum development while exposing students to advanced instrumentation and technology.
  • Foster multi-disciplinary curriculum development to provide students with a breadth of course options in Engineering Chemistry, Environmental Science, Polymer Science and Chemical Education.

The present syllabus aims to impart in depth of knowledge of the subject and highlight the role of chemistry in the field of Science. The lucid explanation of the topics will help students understand the fundamental concepts and apply them to design engineering materials and solve problems related to them. An attempt has been made to logically correlate the topic with its applications.


A candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination of Tamilnadu Higher Secondary Board or an examination of some other board accepted by the syndicate as equivalent there to with Chemistry and Physics and any one of the following subjects namely Maths, Botany, Zoology or Biology shall be eligible for admission into B.Sc., Course in Chemistry. However non Mathematics candidates have to take Allied subjects other than Mathematics.


  • Dr.S.Sivakumar, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,Ph.D., Head of the Department
  • Mr.M.Vijayaganth, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  • Mrs.P.Saratha, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  • Dr.S.Sathishkumar, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Dr.N.Nanjundan, M.Sc.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Dr.C.Shanmugam, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.P.Sivakumar, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  • Mrs.P.Mahalakshmi, M.Sc.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  • Dr.P.Govindan, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Mrs.T.Sangeethapriya, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.K.Vinayagam, M.Sc.,M,Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.P.Sakthivel, M.Sc., Assistant Professor

  • UG Intake                            120

  • PG Intake                              36

  • M.Phil Intake                         15

  • Ph.D. Intake                            8


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Gold Medals: 3 nos
Rank Holders: 15 nos