Department of Physics

The department of Physics was started in the year of 2009. The department is equipped with fully qualified and experienced faculty members. It has state-of-the Science laboratories.

There are 13 teaching and 3 non-teaching staff members in our department. Our department offers Under Graduate, Post Graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. Our department produced 23 University ranks and 2 Gold medals in Under Graduate, Post Graduate and M.Phil programmes. The department staff members have published many research papers in both national and international journals.

  • To provide students with basic knowledge and skills in physics.
  • To promote scientific research by carrying out distinguished scientific and practical researches in Physics domain.
  • To form partnerships with physics research centers and prestigious global universities.
  • To attract distinguished scientific and administrative cadres in physics area.
  • To produce students with good academic record.
  • To enhance their employability by providing sufficient soft skills.
  • To achieve leadership in physics at the local and international levels.
  • To participate actively in the community activities.
  • To provide Innovation and excellence in higher education and scientific research in physics.
  • To create scientifically and technically skilled students, who contribute to the service and development of the society.
Under Graduate:

Candidates seeking admission to first year of the Bachelor of Science in Physics shall be required to have passed the Higher secondary examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry or Electronics conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Post Graduate:

A candidate who has passed the B.Sc., Degree Examination with Physics as the main subject or B.Sc. Applied Physics or B.Sc. Physics (Vocational) of this University or Passed B.Sc.B.Ed., (4 years) or an examination of some other universities accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto

  • Mr.R.Veeramani, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Head of the Department
  • Mr.T.Sivakumar, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.R.Sathyanarayanan, M.Sc,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.A.Asokan, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.K.Nanjundan, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
  • Dr.S.Mugundan, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.M.Srinivasan, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.D.Santhosmani, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
  • Ms.A.Nivethitha, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
  • Mr.N.Mani, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)., Assistant Professor
  • Ms.M.Sathya, M.Sc.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
  • Ms.S.Malarvizhli, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
  • Ms.A.Padmacini, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
  • UG Intake                            120

  • PG Intake                              36

  • M.Phil Intake                         15

  • Ph.D. Intake                            8


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Gold Medals: 3 nos
Rank Holders: 15 nos